Counter stool vs. bar stool? That is the question. With so many to choose from, picking the perfect one can be tough. Recently, we purchased the Baxton Studio Counter Stool from Totally Furniture.

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Here are some helpful guidelines to help make your stool shopping easier.

Begin by measuring from the floor up to just underneath the counter top.

Counter Stools 

The standard counter height is around 36 inches but can fall between 34-39 inches tall. I recommend choosing a counter stool with a seat height between 24-29 inches. This should leave you plenty of leg room. 

The area beneath our counter measured around 34 inches. The seat height of our counter stool is around 24 inches giving us 10 inches of leg room.

Bar Stools:

Standard height for a bar area is around 41-43 inches. Choose a bar stool 29-33 inches tall to accommodate this height.

Finally, I recommend looking at all product specifications prior to your purchase.

Happy Shopping,