It’s so easy to fall into the traps of decor trends. They are displayed everywhere. In magazines, stores, and social media. One of the things that I’m working on around our home is trying to bring in meaningful pieces to combat my trend fever. For example, there are two pictures I took of our family farm back in my home town that I love. These photos bring back memories of my mom’s warm peach cobbler and my dad bringing chopped wood in for the fireplace.

The things that you bring into your home should make you feel that kind of warmth. These photos remind me of my heritage daily. They keep me grounded and I never want to lose that feeling. That is why I’m finding a way to incorporate them into our space.

This is just a small example of ways that I’m bringing timeless and meaningful pieces into our home. I will keep you updated on how I’m incorporating them in a later blog post. Leave me a comment below on ways you add meaningful touches to your home.