One of the things that I’m continuing to work on in 2019 is the organization of our home. The pantry was at the top of my list this year. Our pantry is a simple room with white shelves. So implementing storage solutions was must.

Here is a before shot:

Here is after:

Here are a few tips:

  1. Baskets are great for bread and snacks.
  2. Clear canisters make things like pasta, flour and sugar easy accessible.
  3. Compartmentalize your spices with a spice rack.
  4. Stackable storage bins are great for over flow and other miscellaneous items.
  5. Develop a weekly system to keep your pantry on track.

Many of the items I used for this project are from our old home but have no fear. Below I’m sharing 6 budget friendly items  under $100 to help you organize your pantry as well. All of the items listed below are from